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Soon all managers and business analysts of all companies will rely on an automatic discovery solution as their primary source of information. Reports and dashboards are great but extremely limited in finding what is happening inside the company.

R-Daniel is the future of management. As a business consultant or a technology seller, R-Daniel will help up your customer’s bottom line while you can add an excellent recurrent revenue stream to your business.

Management consultants. The R-Daniel team will take care of the technical details like implementation, backups, or security so that you can help your customers with the business side, for example, strategy building. You can reinforce your customer base loyalty while getting an excellent recurring revenue stream.

IT solution sellers. You can become a full reseller providing some technical services with an even higher margin. If you already offer data analytics services, find out how to add state-of-the-art discovery capabilities to your existing services. And, of course, R-Daniel delivers a steady and good recurring revenue stream for your company.

Other. If you have different needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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